The most exciting life awaits you. A life where you live among different cultures and have friends around the world. A life where every day can be an adventure. Choose from a city in Asia with a great nightlife–a secluded island in the South Pacific–snow capped peaks of the Himalayas towering above a little village in Nepal. Whatever flavor you’d like–It’s all readily available.

The freedom of being a Digital Nomad presents unlimited potential, not only in regard to the most unique destinations around the world, but a life that is filled with significant experiences. It is our mission at Rad Digital Nomad (RDN) to shine light on all the components that encompass this lifestyle and how anyone can achieve it through various strategies, options and a creative course of action.

One of the most common dreams of human beings is to travel the world after retirement. Buy why wait until you’re 65 when your dreams can come to fruition now?

We will urge you not to let money, time, erroneous obligations, so-called responsibilities, safety concerns and various other obstacles lead you to procrastinate your dreams until the twilight of your life. Now is the time!

Many people attack their lives in their pursuit of goals, success, money and power. Over time, their hearts become hardened and they lose touch of that child within that has been buried by layers of responsibilities, heartache, fear, and stress.    

All of us have the ability to tap back into that long forgotten energy we once had that was filled with wonderment, exploration and limitless imagination. The only way to let that child in you out from the depths of your soul is to extract yourself from the things that are causing the stress—it’s time to retire from your current life—rethink, regroup, streamline, simplify, and start over! We all need to pause sometimes to reevaluate the important things in our lives: health, love, fun, adventure, experiences, knowledge, relationships.

We plan to assist you in breaking through the barriers of impossibilities and accept that far reaches of your creativity as something that can be achieved. Starting at the very basics such as how to make money while traveling, how to live rich on the cheap, and how to plan your exit strategy for a fearless and seamless transition into the unknown.  

We welcome you to Rad Digital Nomad and invite you to subscribe to our weekly blog. Furthermore, we encourage you to participate through comments, questions and submitting content of your experiences for consideration of publication.

In the near future, RDN will be expanding our horizons to include a digital magazine that will highlight our best blog post as well as featuring contributing digital nomads from around the planet.

Good things to come and it’s certainly exciting times. Stay tuned and hope to see you on the travel trail!



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