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A few years ago is when the desperation began.

Desperate to break out of a horrendously long commute to the cubicle job I loathed, desperate to spend more time with friends and family, desperate to lessen the stress of it all and live life on my own terms.

I remember thinking- I went through years of schooling, internships and interviews to be this miserable? There had to be more to life than this.

The way things were going, I knew things had to change and although there was a lot I couldn’t control there were some things I could.

I had met a few people who had worked from home. One of them, a previous professor of mine. She was able to spend more time with friends + family, travel and live life exactly how she wanted to. If she could do it, why couldn’t I?

That’s when I started to dream big and put my pen to paper. I knew what I wanted but was afraid to actually write it down. With some encouragement, I wrote all of my goals down, no matter how big or small. At the top? Working from anywhere 100% percent of the time. I knew I would be disciplined enough to do so because I had just finished my entire Masters program online. But what would I do exactly? I had no clue. I always thought you had to be a programmer + developer type to work from home

Boy was I wrong…

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is priceless

Now, I knew writing the goals down was not in itself going to help me achieve them but it was the start I needed.

I took stock of what skills I had acquired throughout my life and career and started to research how I could turn those skills into something I could do remotely. I wanted something a bit more structured than freelance so I started applying for remote jobs on any and every job board you could think of.

After many months of either no response or flat out rejections, I was offered a fully remote position (with health insurance).

For me, it felt like divine intervention. I was able to spend much more needed time with family whenever I wanted (yep I brought my laptop with me and worked while my mom was getting chemo) I’ve also been able to travel whenever and wherever as long as I had good WIFI.

I truly feel blessed and can’t imagine living life any other way.

I can’t tell you how many people of all backgrounds and ages have asked me what I do. When I tell them I work from home, their response is always the same. “Wow, I wish I could do that.” My response is always the same.. “You can!”

And that’s why I started this website. Whether you want to work fully remote as a freelancer, blogger, for a company etc, I have first hand experience to help you live your life on your terms. To help you spend more time with your friends family, travel and life life the way it’s meant to be lived.

Seriously, there are so many different paths and opportunities no matter your background.

Trust me, if I can do it, you can too.

It’s truly my passion to help others find their way out of cube life.

I’m so excited to help you on your journey.

Live your life on your OWN terms.


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Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

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