Working remotely, from anywhere, means that you should be able to ,well, work from anywhere right? While that’s pretty much true, there are certain cities that top the list of places ideal for remote workers.

What makes a city ideal for remote work? Low cost of living, thriving cafe culture, an abundance of WiFi, lots going on, oh and decent weather doesn’t hurt either. 

So where are these places? Let check them out. 

Phoenix, Arizona.

Why Phoenix? Besides the warm weather and low cost of living, Phoenix is one of the fastest growing tech cities. There are tons of opportunities to work remotely and/or negotiate for remote work. To be in a city that encourages remote work makes it easy to find WiFi and connect with others working remotely as well. Phoenix also has a lot of recreational activities to offer. 

Austin, Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas. That certainly holds true for remote work. In fact, Austin’s remote worker percentage has doubled thanks to companies headquartered there that offer numerous remote opportunities. The city makes it easy for you to connect to WiFi making it easy to pop into a coffee shop and open up your laptop. 

Denver, Colorado 

Larger companies are really starting to understand the value of offering remote work. Because of this, cities where these companies are headquartered tend to be some of the best places for remote work. I give you, Denver Colorado. Because of the large amount of remote workers (thanks to these big companies calling Denver home) the city has really increased its number of coffee shops with wifi and co-working spaces. Co-working spaces are basically shared work spaces for people that want to escape the isolation of a home office or coffee shop. 

Asheville, North Carolina 

To me, Asheville has it all. Lots of cafes with WiFi, lots of co-working spaces, great networking and educational opportunities.. the list goes on. Not to mention the abundance of outdoors activities, culture, events and culinary delights. There are small towns right outside of the city that offer affordable housing options. 

Tampa, Florida 

Tampa is another city that has really embraced remote workers. Real estate is reasonable and it’s super business friendly. In fact, there are plans to build an innovation hub. The hub will include private work spaces, podcasting and event facilities, event space for groups, a public cafe, a lending library and an outdoor lounge.