You’re probably wondering how meditation can help you achieve your goals. After all to achieve goals you must think, and take action whereas with meditation you’re supposed to relax, settle in and calm the mind. 

The truth is, like the yin and the yang, these two things are interconnected. How? Let’s dive in. 

Let me be honest and say that no, I don’t believe that you can become a millionaire solely by putting those thoughts out into the universe. But I do believe that you can achieve your goals and manifest a life that you want through positive intention, staying focused, and taking action in addition to putting those thoughts into the universe. 

You’ve probably spent a lot of time mulling about your goals. Maybe they’re broad, maybe they’re really specific or maybe you’re having a hard time defining them. You might have started out excited then scared then excited again. Many people, myself included would always be looking outward for the answers. To friends, the internet, anywhere but the source…within. 

My view while meditating using the Insight timer app

Personally, meditation doesn’t come easy for me. My mind wanders constantly. I’m constantly fidgeting then I start to worry about the past and future. Before you know it I’m checking the time to see if 5 minutes have gone by so I can continue about my day. It’s easy to give up right away especially if you don’t see results immediately. That’s why patience with yourself is so important. If you can be patient with yourself with meditation it will carry over into other aspects of your life. 

So how does meditation help you achieve your goals? It puts you in the right mindset. It helps you calm your busy mind, gain clarity, develop patience and cut through the noise. It also help you identify unhealthy thoughts and thought patterns that are preventing you from achieving your goals. Just as you observe the outside world, flowers, movies, people watching, you must learn to observe your thoughts. To do that you must learn to silence the mind. 

So where do you begin?

Find a quiet space and settle in. Do a quick scan of your body. Are there areas that are more tense than others? My shoulders and forehead tend to be the most tense for me. Take a few minutes to focus on relaxing all of your muscles especially the ones that are super tense. Sometimes we don’t even know we’re holding stress in an area until we focus in. I swear tense shoulders are my norm. It’s not until I focus on them do I realize they’re tense up to my ears. 

So now that your body is in a relaxed state it’s time to focus the mind. You can either focus on your breath, a mantra, a sound, it’s really up to you. When your mind starts to wander into the past or future gently turn your focus back to your breath, mantra etc. If you use your breath, breathe normally—don’t force your breathing. Btw, this is a judge free zone so don’t beat yourself up if you can’t stop your mind wandering. Even the most experienced struggle.. it’s part of the process and its called practice for a reason. Try doing this for 5 minutes, once in the morning and once in the evening. You can always increase or decrease the time. 

I personally just started trying this meditation called Vipassana, or insight meditation. Its the practice of continued close attention to sensation.

I also started used the app Insight Timer. You can select what type of meditation you want: meditation for anxiety, sleep etc. and you can see where others are meditating around the world. btw you can tap the screen for it to go dark for your meditation so you don’t have that interruption of brightness coming from your device. It gives you so many options including guided meditation which is great for beginners. It provides a real sense of community and the selections are endless. You must check it out. I cannot recommend this app enough! 

Everyone is different so you may find a type of meditation that works better for you than others. I recommend trying out a few different kinds because you never know which one will strike a cord with you. 

After five minutes is up, continue to sit in stillness, start to bring awareness back into your body and focus on your goal. What would your life look like if you accomplish your goal? Get really specific here. Where would you be? What would you be wearing? Who would you be with? Everytime you meditate you will want to further develop the detail in this. This practice will help you start to manifest your goals. I would recommend starting with one goal at first. 

Believe, achieve and happy meditating! Don’t forget to be patient with yourself and drop a comment below to let me know how it’s going!