Being positive doesn’t mean things will turn out ok. Rather it means you will be ok no matter how things turn out. 

If you’re looking to make some changes in your life, big or small you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes the thought of change is enough to paralyze you into doing nothing at all. How many times have you wanted a change but kept putting it off until tomorrow or until you had more time. Newsflash, you will never have enough time and kicking the can down the road means that you’re either not ready or don’t want it enough. 

You know the saying, slow and steady wins the race. 

If you spend even just 15 minutes a day working towards your goals, transformation, change, whatever it is you’re wanting to do, your chances of success are much higher than if you spend a couple hours a month without any consistency. 

If you’re like me, you’re juggling lots of responsibilities and don’t have 3 hours every day to carve out. The secret is to weave your goals into your day on a daily basis even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Start with 15 minutes and increase if you can. The more consistent you are the more progress you will see which in turn will boost your confidence and motivation ten fold. You’ll find yourself sticking to what you said you would do. There’s no better way to honor yourself then to show up for yourself. 

Trust me, do you know how many times I’ve started something and then quit because I was inconsistent? I would set a goal and at years end was no closer to reaching it. Angry and disappointed in myself I would assess what went wrong. What went wrong is that I would fit it in when I had time instead of weaving it into my day in small chunks and making time. If I would have just done a little bit everyday I would have reached my goal. But instead I was left with self loathing and disappointment. 

If you want to really start over, break old patterns, change your life you…

You need to let go of excuses. Excuses are roadblocks we put in our own way when we don’t want to do something. It’s a delay tactic we use when we really don’t wantsomething bad enough. If you self reflect, which I highly recommend you do btw, you will see a behavioral pattern of the lengths you will go to achieve something you truly want versus your behavior towards having a goal that’s a nice to have. What’s one thing in your life that come hell or high water you were determined to have? Maybe it was a storybook wedding, having children, getting your degree, finishing a marathon etc. it could be anything. Did you let anything or anyone get in your way of achieving those things? What did you do when roadblocks came up? Did you quit? Put it off? Now think about goals that you really want to achieve but for some reason you’re stuck or you’re having trouble doing so. What’s holding you back? What excuses are you using to kick the can down the road? 

So many of us wait until things calm down, until we have more energy, until it’s the right time. These are cans one, two and three that you’re kicking down the road. There will never be a perfect time, place, space you name it. You just have to start and be consistent especially when you’re not feeling it. If you wait until your head catches up with your heart you’ll never do it. If it’s something you want, deep in your gut, heart, don’t wait to feel motivated to get started. 

This is something I’ve learned along my journey. I would wait until I was out of a funk, in the right head space to make changes. Guess what? The canned I kicked ended up miles down the road. In fact, real change begins when you aren’t ready for it. It begins when you’re willing to push through and fight against those inner voices that want to keep you comfortable. 

You know when you want to go to the gym but end up talking yourself out of it? Personally, I’m an excuse queen when it comes to getting out of going to the gym. It’s too hot, too cold, raining, I’m crampy, feeling blah, I have to get ready for my favorite tv show (wtf I know). Once you learn how to ignore those voices and just push through you will feel amazing at what you accomplished. That’s what I mean when I say ignore your head and push through those excuses. Your heart and your future will thank you. 

The unknown. I know, it’s so cliche. You’ve probably read many inspirational quotes about embracing the unknown. I know I’ve read hundreds of them. Although they’re inspirational and I love some good inspiration, theres another part that goes hand in hand with it to truly set yourself up to start a new life that no one seems to talk about. 

Let me explain..

Let’s get real about the unknown for a second. It’s something that stunts us yet at the same time excites us. Even as kids were not immune. That boogie man under your bed? You have no idea if the mysterious figure will jump out of the closet or from underneath your bed so we retreat to the comforts of hiding under the covers. Yet at the same time, the most exciting part of any game is not knowing who will win. Would you have the same interest watching it after you already knows who wins? No, because the mystery is gone. Just as water can be essential yet detrimental the unknown can excite yet hinder us from transforming our lives. 

We tend to stay with what’s familiar, comfortable, safe. But why do those same feelings of comfort also cause pain within ourselves? 

When you dream of transforming your life, it’s easy to dream it up. No actions taken, no risk is involved, it’s the safe zone. Dreaming is where most people stop, then become frustrated that they are in the same place they were a year ago. So what happens between dreaming and actually doing? A variety of things. Fear of failure, other people’s opinions.. just to name a few. But what if someone told you, that despite of all of that, if you went for it, you would have guaranteed success. You’d do it right? Why? Because the unknown would be known and your fears wouldn’t exist.

If there’s one thing you need to let go of, it’s the fear of the unknown. But it’s not just about embracing the unknown. It’s about taking action while facing down your deepest fears because you can embrace the unknown all you want but without taking action, transformation won’t take place. 

But when it comes to acting on it, actually putting in the work, 

When was anything or anyone transformed by staying comfortable? Transformation doesn’t occur without discomfort, disruption, ruin. How will you enjoy the view without first climbing the mountain? 

Embracing the unknown at first glance can be terrifying but many times, taking action can be even scarier. It’s putting your dreams on paper, inviting others in, being vulnerable, opening yourself up in a way you’ve never have. 

How do you embrace the unknown? It’s about knowing you’ll be ok even if everything around you is falling apart.