The Western North Carolina Nature Center is listed on many websites as a must do in the Asheville area and because we both love nature and animals, a visit here was a no-brainer! I would highly recommend it for a fun and affordable morning/afternoon out. ($10.95 for adults, $6.95 for kids)

The nice thing about this nature center is that it has 40 acres of habitat so the animals have plenty of space to live and roam around. It didn’t feel like your typical zoo. I didn’t take any pictures of the reptiles (in cages) because, well, I’m a scaredy-cat and didn’t want to hang around those parts for long. I honestly get the chills just thinking about it.

Red Wolf – Our first time around, this guy was tucked away taking a nap so we were unable to see him. We decided to go back and it was definitely worth it.


Cougar – these two cougars were sleeping most of the time so this is the only angle we were able to get of them. Bummer.


American Black Bear – these bears were entertaining! There were two in the area and the one below was clearly the larger of the two. He was pretty active which was fun to see. I would not want to see one of these on the trail.


Take a look at the fence below. Does something look different to you? That would be a snake hanging out on the fence that encloses the bear attraction. He ultimately fell through the fence but the bears were in a different section so this guy went unnoticed by them. It would have been interesting to see what they would have done. Chills!


One of our favorites was the river otter. He was so entertaining and always up to something! Can I help you, sir?


Until next time! Xoxo