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For those of you that are in the Asheville area and love a challenging hike, I highly recommend the Looking Glass Rock trail.


They say it’s 5 miles round trip but that’s a lie. Here is a picture of my health app to give you a better picture of what to expect.

Looking Glass Rock Trail

Looking Glass Rock Trail

From experience, this hike is intense and might prompt some f-bombs, tears and soul searching but if you can push through all of that, the view at the top is specfreakingtacular! Bring some snacks, rest up and enjoy the view.


I would recommend going with some hiking polls because the terrain can be quite a challenge with large rocks, uneven terrain and unexpected slippery areas. I bought these Black Diamond hiking poles from REI on sale which was a great find. By the way, if you are going to do a lot of hiking, I would recommend getting an REI membership. The two biggest benefits are that you can buy things on sale at their REI garage and REI is a co op which means that if you’re a member, you receive a portion of the cooperative’s profits each year based on a percentage of eligible purchases! It’s amazing.

Looking Glass Rock trail

Did I mention there is a helipad towards the top? That was pretty cool.

Looking Glass Rock helipad

By the way, some websites promise that you will see a waterfall on this trail. Another lie. Not unless you forge your own path which is not recommended. The top is tilted and can be covered with thin layers of ice (which might not be visable) during cooler months so be sure not to walk down too close to the edge. Consider yourself warned.

Looking Glass Rock trail

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